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Our innovative lotto game

We turn an interactive map into a giant game-board by dividing it into squares. Players choose squares to own virtually. Draws select winning squares. Any player that owns a winning square wins a prize.

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Booty Pirates

Our exciting multiplayer, real-cash treasure hunting game

A online gaming experience like no other. Combining the surprisingly complementary favourites of gangsta rap and 18th-century piracy, players customise their own digital avatars and search the world for that elusive buried loot.

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What makes location-based games so appealing?


Today’s lottery player has become accustomed to having a wide array of slick, engaging entertainment options at their fingertips, and lottery has to evolve to stay relevant. 

As the use of digital maps and “checking in” on platforms like Facebook and Foursquare has become commonplace, the concept of locations has become more personal and engaging than ever before.

By using the power of Google Maps as the basis for our innovative game-boards, our games offer players a fresh yet familiar way of experiencing the thrill of lottery and gaming.

Benefits for lottery operators

Engage a new audience

With an ageing player base for traditional lottery games, our innovative online games can expand your games portfolio to reach a new audience.

Know your players

Create invaluable profiles of your players with our extensive analytics data.


The majority of our players are of a younger demographic than traditional lottery players, meaning our games won’t cannibalise your existing player base. Rather, they attract new players to your site.

Sales growth

By attracting new players, our games offer immediate potential for growth and higher spend rates across your entire portfolio.

Security & reliability

Our products adhere to the highest standards of data security and operational reliability


Our gaming solutions are architected with full redundancy to ensure that no individual server is a single point of failure.

PCI DSS compliant

Our processes and infrastructure comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, a comprehensive set of requirements for improving the security of users’ data.

Independent security audits

We have regular independent security audits against the Gambling Commission of Great Britain’s technical security standards.

Security in depth

Our security starts with awareness throughout the organisation and is multi-faceted, from the security standards we have for our code to tight infrastructure controls. These are tested with regular vulnerability scanning and complemented by intrusion detection systems and close monitoring.

Patented Technology

Geonomics’ games are patented internationally, covering the concept itself and our technological approach.

Responsible Gambling

Geonomics takes its duty of ensuring responsible gambling seriously. We are certified by GamCare, who provide information, advice and practical help regarding the social impact of gambling. GamCare have acknowledged Geonomics’ responsible gambling credentials, which include:

  • Age verification systems and processes
  • Controls for customer spend
  • Self-exclusion options for players
  • Information about responsible gambling and sources of advice and support
  • Training for customer services in problem gambling awareness and social responsibility
  • Support for the work GamCare carries out in addressing the social impact of gambling

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