14 Oct 2015

The Good Ship Booty Pirates: The Maiden Voyage


We know, we know, it’s been a while since our last blog – but we haven’t lain furlough. In fact, we’ve been busy disrupting the traditional gambling space to launch our latest product, Booty Pirates (if you’ve been playing it, let us know what you think).

We’ve talked before about innovating in the space sitting between social gaming and softcore gambling, using the best of both worlds to inform an original new game that players will love.  The game was launched a few weeks ago, in our trademark, lean/agile/[insert latest Beta buzzword here] way and we’ve been working hard ever since to get it exactly right.  That’s why we’ve developed our own feedback loop system we’re calling ‘The Learning Machine’, where we test and iterate in weekly cycles. This might explain why we’ve been so busy.

Booty Pirates is our attempt to harness the very best of social gaming – things like multiplayer functionality, competitive league boards, player chatrooms, and character role-play and so on – and reframe it within the context of gambling. Playing to win for instant cash prizes is a key feature, naturally being the trademark or draw of soft-core gambling games like bingo and online casino style games.  The ‘gangsta pirate’ narrative we’ve introduced to Booty Pirates brings a narrative-driven and hyper-competitive dimension to the existing games in our portfolio: now our players join Goldbeard’s crew and actively seek out treasure on a map, competing against one another (as historical pirates once did) in their quest to acquire as any pieces of eight/dolla dolla bill.

We want our players to always have fun with our games – and hopefully win some money along the way. With Booty Pirates, they are able to do exactly that.  It doesn’t hurt that we now have an excuse to talk, dress and act like a pirate (which, to be honest, we never really needed in the first place) and have some plans in the pipeline to get our players involved in that too. Watch this space…

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