28 Jul 2015

The Rise of Gamebling

Here at Geonomics, we’re busy innovating in the worlds of gaming and gambling. We have a mission to make gaming more fun and rewarding, and we’re achieving it through pioneering our own niche in “gamebling”. See this recent article on what we’re calling “gamebling” by journalist Hazel Davis of The Telegraph.

“I want to be recognised as having forged the gamebling market, nobody’s done it right yet.”

To read the article in full, please click here.

And make sure to watch this space for the launch of our newest game, Booty Pirates which brings “gamebling” to life so that players can not only have fun, but compete to win cash prizes!

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16 Jun 2015

Is London the tech capital of the world?

London has always had a knack for invention: plastic was created in Hackney Wick; penicillin was discovered in Paddington; John Logie Baird developed the television in Soho. Couple this with its reputation as a world-leading business hub, and the recent technology boom should come as no real surprise.

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20 May 2015

The good, the bad and the ugly of software development

Behind every great game is a team of fantastic developers, beavering away to make your commute/lunch hour/rainy afternoon more enjoyable. These wonderful people often shy away from the spotlight, but at Geonomics we don’t think that’s fair at all!

In our latest post, we talk to Paul Nichols about his work, how he got here and what turns a budding coder into a great software developer.

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28 Apr 2015

Geonomics Makes First Ever Millionaire

Lucky Roy Tyler mapped out his fortune with location-based game plan

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16 Mar 2015

Female Developers: let’s stop talking ABOUT them and start talking to them!

At Geonomics we have a brilliant team, comprised of an even mix of male and female developers, designers and product managers.  We’re always reading in the media these days that there’s a shortage of female developers. Trust us, we know – and we work hard to ensure we attract the cream of the crop of great girl games creators.

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17 Feb 2015

How Treasure Hunt is Diversifying Our Portfolio

When we started Geonomics, we were eager to breathe new life into the typical ‘game of chance’ model typically found in the lottery and gambling space. We’re celebrating our seven-year anniversary in 2015 and are delighted to have introduced unique location-based games to a competitive, but innovation-starved, marketplace.

We’re constantly looking for ways to add value to our geo-gaming products, and every change – from minor tweaks to complete overhauls – is made with the goal of creating a richer, more enjoyable user experience. At Geonomics, we commit to a constant process of development and iteration – and player feedback fuels the evolution of our games.

If you’re familiar with our instant-win Treasure Hunt mechanic, you’ll know that it provides a change of pace from our weekly draw game: prizes are dotted around the map, and players hoping to win big “dig” for buried treasure. It’s a unique and intuitive product, and a neat complement to GeoLotto – our flagship draw game.

Lately, the team has been hard at work refining Treasure Hunt, and I don’t mind telling you that we’re all thrilled with the results. By keeping our player-first philosophy at the forefront of our minds we’ve come up with some really engaging variations on the classic format.

If you’ve been keeping up with Geonomics development news, you’ll have noticed some of these already. In January and February alone, two major game-changing (no pun intended) additions have taken our portfolio to the next level – and we’re just getting started!

FtP Treasure Hunt

Free-to-Play (FtP) Treasure Hunt is exactly what it says on the tin: players can scour the Treasure Hunt map for free, receiving a daily allowance of complimentary digs. We launched this game to celebrate our loyal player base, to ease users into the Treasure Hunt experience, and to provide a solid foundation for our planned expansion of instant-win products.

To get started on Treasure Hunt, users simply have to register an account. While smaller prizes are found regularly (and can be redeemed on cash games), two players have already found £500 each – absolutely free-of-charge!

Turbo Treasure Hunt
Turbo Treasure Hunt (TTH) shakes things up a little.

While our other games let players loose on a vast landmass, TTH goes (comparatively) small: a top prize is hidden beneath a restricted chunk of the map – this could be a city such as Manchester, or a significant landmark such as Big Ben. Players can see every square on the grid – and from there it’s a race against time to see who can find the buried treasure first!

TTH seriously ups the pace. As squares are excavated and potential jackpot locations are eliminated, the return-to-player percentage rises – the game ending in a frenetic scramble for that elusive hidden loot.

Treasure Hunt isn’t just an alternative to GeoLotto: we firmly believe that it’s different from any other instant win game currently on the market, and we’re hugely proud of the work we’ve done on it. While I’m not going to ruin every surprise, I can reveal that there’s more to come later in 2015.

When the current beta phase ends, we’ll be introducing mobile-first editions of FtP and TTH – with separate features from their desktop counterparts. For example, a “Dig in Your Current Location” button will let players use GPS technology to search their immediate surroundings for cash prizes.  Players will be able to build friendly, competitive communities with our added social functions: they’ll customise avatars, live-chat with their fellow hunters – and boast when they hit paydirt. Additionally, we’re introducing story elements (no spoilers, sorry): these won’t just be your standard click-and-win games, but rich, fully-interactive narrative experiences.

And that’s just what I’m allowed to tell you right now. I’ve fired off warnings about the perils of innovation before, and I still think they ring true.  But in making our radical, player-centric improvements to Treasure Hunt, I’ve been lucky to experience some of the joys as well. Treasure Hunt brings a special kind of energy to our geo-gaming portfolio, and as we add chat, mobile, and narrative functions, we look forward to seeing it make waves in the social gaming marketplace.

Henry Oakes, co-founder of Geonomics


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13 Jan 2015

The Beautiful Game just got better

As if the early stages of the 2014/15 FA Cup weren’t exciting enough, today we’re announcing the launch of our new hyper-local game – Turbo Treasure Hunt – which allows players to virtually dig for buried treasure underneath a range of mini-maps!

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16 Dec 2014

Meet Matt, our CTO

This week we chatted over a coffee to Matt Young, CTO at Geonomics, to get an insight into the technical side of Geonomics and what it’s like working in a start-up.

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25 Nov 2014

Macau v Vegas – same, same but different

We’ve been taking the Geonomics story around the globe introducing the international lottery industry to our digital solutions.  We learn a lot from our visits to the U.S., Europe, Asia and Australasia but we’ve been particularly inspired by our recent adventures in Asia.

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09 Nov 2014

Why Peter Thiel is wrong about ‘The Lean Startup’

Peter Thiel, the well-respected founder of PayPal and serial Silicon Valley tech investor, recently spoke out about the lean start-up model and said that it doesn’t work. More specifically, that the lean “build-measure-learn” approach won’t lead to the creation of disruptive technologies.

Thiel is quick to dismiss lean methodologies as a whole, reducing it all down to not much more than using customer surveys to inform decision making – a process that Thiel says won’t create anything of significant value. We disagree.

Before we say why though, what exactly is the lean start-up, and why do we care?

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