24 Sep 2014

GeoLotto launches in the UK consumer market

This week we’re winning.  Not only did we launch a shiny new company website, but our flagship game, GeoLotto, was launched in the UK on Monday 22nd September supported by a huge media advertising campaign.

At Geonomics, we couldn’t be more excited to see something we’ve spent so much time developing, refining and perfecting coming to life in the popular imagination, and we can’t wait to see the successes the future will bring.

We mentioned that huge ad campaign, didn’t we? GeoLotto isn’t just changing the way you play lotto games online, it’s even on the telly! You might have seen our advert, voiced by TV legend, Keith Lemon, which hit your screens on Monday. If you haven’t yet had the chance to view it, you can check it out now at:

The launch of GeoLotto marks a fantastic new chapter in the Geonomics story, and represents hundreds of thousands of people and player hours that have been invested into making it an engaging, reliable and relevant game for our players.

We’ll talk more about our method of development in our next post, and until then, we want to know: have you claimed your square?

The Geonomics team

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