05 Oct 2015

A Day In The Life Of A Geonomics Developer

Doogal London Eye

We’re often asked what a typical developer’s day here is like. We asked Doogal (aka David Simpson) to jot down his thoughts.

It’s Friday morning. I’m on the Central line. It’s hot, crowded and I’m surrounded by people in suits with shiny hair. I’m wearing a pair of comfy shoes, shorts and a t-shirt I got from a music festival 7 years ago. I earn about as much as these suited people and it fills me with glee.

I get in to work, lose the shoes, grab food from the free breakfast items in the kitchen and sit down with a colleague and have a chat about the best way to structure a Pirate Selector over breakfast.

After stand-ups I get cracking on making coins flip out of our little pirate character when he wins something. It’s good fun, it’s all new code, it’s well written and I’m dead proud of it.

Then lunchtime hits and I go to the pub with a bunch of friends who I also happen to work with. Someone mentions they’re having an issue with SQL (it’s kind of my niche) over lunch so when I get back I sit down with them and we figure out a solution.

I spend the afternoon writing a piece of code which scatters pirates off the map in a somewhat whimsical way at the start of a new game. It’ll be in production tomorrow, so I’ll be able to log on to chat and actually ask our users what they think of it.

The end of day rolls around and the kitchen has filled up with people. Some are playing pool, others are on the xbox, the rest are just chatting and eating crisps. I have a chat to James (our CEO) over a beer about an idea I think is cool.

A bit later on some people are playing board games. I decide to head home, grab a Chinese and get back to the flat.

Good times.

Doogal Assasins Creed

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