Engineering Team at Geonomics

Technology is the core of what we deliver

We’ve designed and built our high performance software platform from scratch to be innovative, reliable, secure and scalable. We’ve used a whole range of tech to build it: Java 8, Spring Boot, Docker, PostgreSQL, React and more.

Technology is at the heart of what we are

Engineering is central to the company, working hand in hand with product development and design at every level within the business.  We’re committed to developing high quality, innovative solutions.

Technology is what we do

As engineers we’re driving constant improvement.  Adapting and adopting best practises, new ideas and new technologies from across the tech industry.

A supportive environment

We have a thorough on-boarding process – including mentoring and up-to-date “what you need to know” guide – that takes new employees through all the tools, frameworks and processes that they need to know to do the job.

Each person is assigned a technical mentor (for any programming questions they have) and everyone on the team will be happy to guide them around anything else they need to know about working here.

Moreover, our commitment to continuous learning and development is very strong. Our experience is that developers learn faster and better when they are acquiring practical knowledge and skills from colleagues and putting it directly to use solving real problems – rather than sitting in a classroom working on abstract or “toy” problems.

Any new engineering hire at Geonomics will find themselves surrounded by some of London’s brightest and most capable developers, all of whom are approachable and willing to help.

We’re looking for the best graduate developers

Why is Geonomics a great place for graduate developers to work?

You’ll be thrown in at the deep end, with your first lines of code live on the production system within weeks. You’ll be doing real work that really matters from the outset.

To help you settle in, you’ll be surrounded by some of the best (and friendliest) engineers from around the world, and you’ll learn faster than you can imagine.

You’ll be working in a company that is growing fast, and with that comes huge opportunity for real career progression. And we’re not talking gold stars and a name badge. We’re talking about responsibility and input.

You’ll earn a competitive starting salary in a generous package with many benefits.

What you’ll need

  • You’ll either have, or have been predicted, at least a 2:1 from a leading university in Computer Science, Maths or a science or engineering discipline from a leading university.
  • You’ll need to already have some nifty coding skills, particularly in Java.
  • You’ll be passionate about technology and have the ability to learn quickly.

Meet the team

Meet some of our developers and team leads:

Paul Nichols

The best thing about working at Geonomics is the people I get to work with. Every developer and designer that I work with is one of the best in the industry. This gives me the opportunity to learn new things every day and to build some very cool products to an extremely high standard. Furthermore, leading part of the team means working with the everyone to design and deliver world class games within the industry. This is both exciting and challenging at the same time, but also very rewarding.

Paul Nichols, Engineering Team Lead.


I have been working at Geonomics for four years. In this time I have been able to contribute to an innovative product, whilst making great friends and meeting interesting challenges every day. Geonomics has given me the freedom to explore new areas and helped me develop a diverse range of skills.

Luke Dennis, Senior Java Developer

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